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Beijing Passion Medical center’s general practice able to provide comprehensive family medical care services. Our professional medical team will guiding you to a healthy lifestyle, diagnose and treat various diseases for all age groups of patients from infant to elder.
If you are healthy, our general practitioners will help you keep in good health and prevent diseases. If you feel uncomfortable, our general practitioners will provide you diagnosis and treatment. If you require further specialized medical care, our general practitioners will helps you arrange trusted and reputed medical experts. Whatever medical services you need, Passion Medical Center will endeavor to ensure you will receive high-quality and satisfied medical services.
Passion Medical Center general practitioners can provide you with comprehensive preventive and healthcare services, further diagnose and treatment of various diseases, including but not limited to the following diseases:

*cardiovascular, heart and vascular diseases  

*endocrine and hormone diseases

*Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology(eye, ear-nose-throat) diseases


*nervous system or nervous-related diseases 

*mental illness

*skin diseases
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