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Passion insurance settlement services directly is introduced

Direct payment of insurance is a kind of value-added service provided by the hospital before insurance claimings. Simply speakingIn short, hospitals represent patients to provide the appropriatelyrelevant claim information in accordance with the insurance company request and obtain the corresponding medical expenses paid by the insurance company. Popular understandingGeneral speaking is that patients do not spendpaid money on seeing a doctor and the hospital bill is paid directly by the insurance company! Of courseOn the other hand, beyondif the bill exceeds the scope of the insurance company's compensation medical expenses, insurance companies will still  will contact with the patient to pay the price difference.

When the insured go to see a doctor on the Internet hospital ofwhich accept direct payment of insurance, their bills are able to settled directly within the insurance companies and hospitals they do not instead of patients paying cash themselves. It is settled directly by the insurance companies and hospitals, which This system facilitates the efficiency of medical treatment of patients, saves timetime saving, improvesimproves the efficiencyquality of medical care, improvesenhance patients’ experience. It is an important waymeans for insurance company to pre-claim and one of the main signsoutstanding feature of high-end international medical health insurance.

Patients do not need to inform the insurance company in advance for the Ooutpatient, emergency medical treatment, except unless conducting the large-scale examination such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging),examination, it does not need to inform the insurance company. ,As to hospitalization, surgery or some special treatment , then the insured need to contact with the ir insurance company to getacquire prior authorization before they receive the treatment. Some of theIn some cases, the insured need to bear a certain percentage of medical expenses (such as 10%) due to they are purchasing of  less expensive health insurance product, the insured need to bear a certain percentage of medical expenses (such as 10%). In this caseUnder the circumstances, when paying the hospital bill, in accordance with the terms of the patient's insurance possession, patientsthey will be required to pay a proportionate share of the cash medical expenses (such as 10%) when paying the hospital bill.
Speaking of medical institutions of medicare paid directly by the patient's, mMany well-known insurance companies in our country have established a large network of direct payment of insurance system, but it needs be notediced that the direct payment of hospital network is signed individually by insurance companies and with different hospitals. Different insurance companies haveowned different direct payment of hospital list.

If you are the insurance holder, when you see a doctor please bring your insurance card and proof of identity
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