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Passion Medical Center ophthalmology department provides various of Ophthalmology service including routine eye examination, diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases, for instance cataract, glaucoma and strabismus surgeries as well as further diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases refer to the systematic diseases. In addition, our Ophthalmology department provides optometry services in corporate with qualified and reputed institutions.
There are certain eye diseases (such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy) have no symptoms at the early stage and diffcult to be detected until the late stage. This would make the treatment intractable and hard to control. Hence, periodically conventional ophthalmologic examination is vital to early stage of diagnosis and treatment, for our patients the early diagnosis and timely treatment much more likely to alleviate or even reverse the disease.  
ophthalmologic examination generally includeing:
vision (naked eye and correction) examination
*intraocular pressure
*ocular position and eye movement
*field of view
*slit lamp anterior segments lesions examination
*oculopuillary reflex
*eye fundus (retina) examination

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